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YSR killed by Mukesh Ambani?

7. January 2010 by close to reality 3 Comments

Is it a fact? is it a fake news? or is it an intentional news? whatever it is, the news that Mukesh Ambani got YSR killed is burning the state of Andhra Pradesh now. This news was first published in (read the original news published by) which is not up and running at this moment (is this site closed on its own? or someone made it to close?), and the TV5 tv channel took up the duty to publicise this (fake) news and succeeded 200% to play with the emotions of the people of Andhra Pradesh. Now the followers of YSR already started to attack the Reliance properties and burning the Reliance petrol bunks in the city of Hyderabad as well as in the other cities.

Is this a responsible work of media to take a news from some site which doesn't even exist now and broadcast the news without any solid proves? Or TV5 is trying to make it into the news by broadcasting some sensational news like ABN andhrajyothi recently did? But the ABN go the proof. What about TV5? Channels like Itv etc., are blaming TV5 for its irresponsible journalism and for the latest situation in the state.

Story from Two Sides:

story for YSR fans and followers to burn the state: (this is a post in a chiranjeevi fans forum posted on January 2nd by a person named Bansilal)

many people think that YSR died accidentally and few think that Sonia Gandhi got him killed.
But fact is different !
in Godavari basin, 38 lakh crores worth of natural gas and oil reserves were found.
Reliance group asked for that contract on which CM of AP had to sign.
YSR asked for 5000 crores as bribe before elections.
Mukesh Ambani offered only 200 crores.
YSR refused and the matter went to sonia gandhi.
She called upon YSR and warned him not to play with ambani's mafia network.
She already was furious on YSR for making large amounts in AP but not giving them to party for elections.
So Ambani guys gave 100CR to mafia and sonia , inspite of knowing this , kept quiet.
Now she made dummy Rosaiah who will sign on any papers for his life.

YS Jagan wanted CM post but Sonia knew that this young fellow is more head strong and adamant than his father so she didnt allow him.
Now he funded both KCR(500 crores) and Lagadapati(1500 crores) to make pro-telangana and pro-samaikyandha agitations and disturb rosaiah's govt.
They both paid other MLAs, corporators, student unions and few rowdy gangs to create nuisance in state.
Sonia enquired about all this and now exposed N.D.Tiwari (his videos were shot much before elections when he rejected mining contract to a pimp from UP, but they waited for right time to change governer) and wantedly brough narasimhan, who is ex- intelligence bureau chief.
Now Sonia gandhi expects narasimhan to kill every one who creates nuisance in state and restore rosaiah's position till 2014


Story from opposite side: This whole news is a hoax and there is no such involvement in YSR's death, and it is purely an accident. It is just that YS.Jagan wants to be the CM and he is following his father's footsteps, like YSR earlier brought in communal riots in the capital Hyderabad to get rid of Marri chenna Reddy as the CM. In the same way, now YS.Jagan is doing this against rosaiah and according to the sources, KVP is the writer, screen-play and director for the whole episode.

We are still trying to get into the roots of the news, but meanwhile you can believe whchever version you like but please don't burn the state. By the way, is it a "One Stone - Three Birds" strategy by KVP and Jagan? Stone is YSR's death and the three birds are Telangana, Chief Minister post and the mighty Ambanis.

What Did The ExileD Publish On YSR's Death?

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Comments (3) -

United States YSR said:

this is ridiculous, sure Jagan or KVP involved in this publicity.

United States jjj said:

ya mukesh and some people might be done

India SHARMA said:

dear all,

its not a new issue to indian politics, if we go and see who killed Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Sri Lal Bahadoor Shastri, Dr. Shyamaprasada Mukherjee, Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya, Sanjay Gandhi like the list will go on, all died mysteriously ONLY, thats all, we have to accept and take those things LIKE THAT ONLY, now YSR name is just an addition.


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