| DCP harikumar's rude behaviour with Chandrababu in assembly Today

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DCP harikumar's rude behaviour with Chandrababu in assembly Today

2. August 2009 by close to reality 1 Comments

It seems like DCP hari Kumar is trying hard to get a good impression from CM YSR.. That is the reason why today he blocked Chandrababu Naidu from speaking to the media and behaved rudely with CBN in the aseembly lobby.. Sources say that Speaker Kiran Kumar Reddy immediately called the DCP for an explanation about this issue.. Meanwhile TDP leaders said that this government is trying it's best to Sit on the throats of Opposition and Media..

My question to the state police is, where is this excitement gone when P.Narayana Reddy or Some one ( a nalgonda district congress leader) came into the assembly using Minister's car. That fellow is not an MLA or MLC.. Where is this excitement when some reddy (new MLA from kadapa or kurnool) left his car in the middle of the gate so that no one can enter? ( that time CM also took the gate No:2), where is this excitement when one more MLA fight with your police recently? where is this excitement when Danam Nagendar argued with you infront of CM's office in assembly few days back? Please do keep in mind that public is watching everything. If your behaviour towards a chief of opposition is like this, then we all very well clear about how your behaviour is going to be towards the opposition activisits and common man..



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chunuduri manohar babu
India chunuduri manohar babu said:

DEAR DCP.. thank you for your decent behaviour with opposition leader sri chandrababu naidu in assembly today. state will be proud of you.. hope you'll get your promotion faster.. Good luck"

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